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Hydroponic Warehouse Farm, Reminders to Save Water
Heroes abound! Check out this inner city farm!

Water Wise Practices! The Santa Barbara City Council recently declared a Stage Two drought, triggering drought-related water use regulations. Please be mindful of your choices.

  1. Please always be building compost. Compost increases your soil’s water holding capacity.
  2. This California drought year consider planting IN low sloped furrows, where the moisture settles and the plants’ root areas will be slightly shaded. Rather than losing water to evaporation from overhead watering, use a low flow water wand or a burbler and put the water right where it will do the most good and nowhere else.
  3. And, PLEASE MULCH. It keeps your soil cooler, moister, less water needed.
  4. Sprinkle Mycorrhizal fungi right on the roots of your transplants when you put them in the ground. They increase uptake of nutrients, water, and phosphorus that helps roots and flowers grow and develop. Ask for them at Island Seed & Feed in Goleta.
  5. Install Grey Water systems, and for those of you who are future-minded, rain collection systems! They will increase your property value.
  6. Here is a 6 page PDF on plant and plant variety choices and garden practices that has a lot of Water Conservation info! It’s a quick read, organized so you can go right to what you are interested in. Thank you and bless you for doing your part.

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